Service Level Agreement

Service Levels

i. Network Target SLA- Our SLA is 99.999%, 365 days, 24/7 which is measured over a rolling 30 day period.

ii. Our SLA’s are that we will respond within 30 minutes, at which time we will advise the estimated fix/service recovery timetable, we will escalate faults internally immediately and have a maximum fix time of 4 hours.

iii. Information and fault status information will be supplied to the customer. iv. All core equipment is fault tolerant and have no single point of failure.

iv. All core equipment is fault tolerant and have no single point of failure.

2Connect Digital Solutions confirm that we will use the following areas for service level measurement as an input to the Key Performance Indicators (KPls). This will then be used to establish service credits.

Network Performance

  • Network Availability (including line faults, firewall problems and filtering issues)
  • Packet Delivery (minimum success rate)
  • Demonstration of suitable routine maintenance planning and execution (maintenance activities undertaken)
  • Demonstration of suitable capacity planning (provisioning failure due to capacity issues)
  • The mean time between failures (MTBF) of the components
  • Network performance will have a maximum of 20ms delay in packet delivery within the network with an aim of achieving 1 Oms or less on fibre connections. Other connection types may vary but the lowest possible latency will be aimed for
  • Latency to public websites is in addition to the above

Network Faults

  • Fault identification
  • Remote diagnosis response time
  • On-site response time
  • Faults – Critical number taken less than 4 hours to repair
  • Faults – non-critical number taking less than 12 hours to repair
  • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Customer Care

  • Call Centre performance (number of calls where the maximum answering time was less than 60 seconds during the business day)
  • Number of complaints raised by 5% sites relating to any aspect of network infrastructure service (complaints logged, action plan notified to complainant within 5 working days)
  • Delivery of monthly reports within 5 working days of due date
  • Timely updates of status reports per individual fault report is required
  • Time elapsed from order to service delivery in areas where no new build required

Service Credits

2Connect Digital Solutions Ltd will commit to the following SLAs and KPls as part of the service delivery:

Ongoing KPls:

Annual Service Availability is 99.999%. In the unlikely event we fail to achieve these service levels we will give service credits to make amends:

Bringing you back online
If a problem arises we will fix it within 4 hours. In the unlikely event that we do not, we will give service credits: