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2Connect brings you the choice of multiple connectivity options through its trusted suppliers and industry leading service levels.

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SOGEA is the latest broadband offering from BT, designed to address a very large, anticipated demand of broadband users, post the big switch off of the PSTN network in 2025.

Single Order Generic Ethernet Access is a broadband service that doesn’t require a telephone line to activate internet connectivity. It’s reliable, fast and a very cost-effective alternative to traditional leased line connectivity.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Fast, Reliable and Quick Turnaround
  • Up to 80Mb Download Speed
  • Up to 20Mb Upload Speed
  • Widely Available
  • Office Hours Support
  • No Phone Line Needed

This product is the replacement for FTTC. It’s a perfect connectivity solution for remote workers, low bandwidth SMEs and satellite sites, only needing a stable connection for up to 10 low bandwidth users.


‘Fibre to the Premises’, generally referred to as ‘FTTP’, is a great alternative to a traditional broadband products such as ADSL2+ and FTTC.

As the name suggests, this product is delivered over a fibre access-tail and routes back from the customer premises to the cabinet and then back to the local exchange, all using a high-speed fibre optic connection, giving a much greater bandwidth speed than any broadband product.

FTTP is a High Bandwidth Broadband product and available in the following variants:

  • FTTP 1000/115Mbps – (up to 1Gb download speed and 115Mb upload)
  • FTTP 550/75Mbps – (up to 550Mb download speed and 75Mb upload)
  • FTTP 330/50Mbps – (up to 330Mb download speed and 50Mb upload)
  • FTTP 220/30Mbps – (up to 220Mb download speed and 30Mb upload)
  • FTTP 115/20Mbps – (up to 115Mb download speed and 20Mb upload)
  • FTTP 80/20Mbps –  (up to 80Mb download speed and 20Mb upload)

The above speeds for each of the FTTP variants are only indicative and not guaranteed. FTTP service comes with an SLA of best endeavours and no fix time guarantee.

Openreach is actively growing its FTTP reach across the country to meet growing demand for bandwidth.

2Connect Leased Lines

Leased Line connectivity through 2Connect is the most reliable, scalable and affordable connectivity option that provides industry leading service levels with 100% bandwidth guarantee.

Our trusted ecosystem of Major UK Tier 1 suppliers enables us to bring the most cost effective and readily available On-Net connectivity options to our customers, with the shortest possible lead times and ease of ordering.

  • Guaranteed Bandwidth
  • Uncontended Connectivity
  • All Major UK Suppliers
  • 100% Service Availability
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support
  • Industry Leased SLA
  • IP Address/es

2Connect Leased Lines are sourced directly from the suppliers, avoiding the middleman between our customer and the supplier. Our connectivity suppliers include BT Wholesale, TalkTalk Business, Virgin Media, Neos Network, Colt, Virtual 1 and Vodafone.

Speak to us today to explore your options.


MPLS is a private Wide Area Network (WAN), specifically designed for organisations which operate from multiple locations and require connecting back to their centralised servers. MPLS is ideal for organisations who require private connectivity between sites and remote users.

2Connect MPLS provides its customers a unique capability of choosing the most competitive and On-Net supplier at each location. Our MPLS solution allows customers to choose between different access technologies, ranging from 10Gb, 1Gb bearers to FTTP & SOGEA tails for satellite sites and remote workers.

A high level overview and benefits of 2Connect MPLS are as follows:

  • Private, Secure and Scalable
  • Any to Any Topology
  • All Connectivity tails available
  • Choice of Carrier at each site
  • Centralised Internet Breakout
  • DDoS Threat Management
  • Centralised Firewall

2Connect MPLS specialists can conduct a free technical workshop to help you evaluate your options and assist you in making the right decision for your organisation. Speak to us today to learn how we can help you design a future-proof network design.


Distributed Denial of Service, generally referred to as ‘DDoS’ in an extreme form of external Cyber threat to any organisation’s private network environment.

One of the commons ways through which the private networks are breached is through multiple connected devices over-capacitating the servers and security appliances, resulting in internal users being unable to access the database for legitimate use and an entire shutdown of the network.

The Key benefits of 2Connect Threat Management are as below:

  • DDoS Protection at Layer 3
  • DNS Threat Management
  • Auto Blacklisting of Malicious IP’s
  • HTTP, Sloris and RUDY Protection
  • Detection, Diversion & Filtering

2Connect DDoS threat management delivers an intelligent protection against all DDoS attacks and Malicious data transfer at DNS level. Whether you have a single Leased Line or an MPLS Network, speak to us today to enable DDoS protection on your connectivity circuits at a core level.

Managed Firewall

2Connect’s Network Connectivity proposition allows its customers to be able to outsource all or part of its infrastructure into our environment safely and securely.

Our Managed Firewall offering, built on Fortinet Security Cluster, provides customers a perfect environment to host their firewall into a resilient, scalable and secure data centre infrastructure, where a competent pair of hands are always at their disposal to design, manage and support your firewall as a managed offering.

Our Managed Firewall offering allows customers to take advantage of the following key benefits:

  • VPN for Remote Users & Satellite Sites
  • IPSEC & SSL Routing
  • Anti-Spam, Malware and Anti-Virus Protection
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Alerting & Response
  • Remote Threat Management
  • Admin Dashboard & Data Analytics
  • Private connection to AWS & Azure

Whether you have a private MPLS, SDWAN or standalone DIA, our Managed Firewall is a perfect solution to secure your network and put your mind at rest. Speak to us today to learn more

What Connectivity Options Are Available In Your Area?

IT Managers often struggle to get this information from their suppliers, but here at 2Connect, we empower our customers with the freedom of making the right decision through transparent information flow. Because we understand that choosing the right connectivity options is only the step 2 of the process, knowing what your options are, is the most important FIRST STEP.

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