Software Defined Wide Area Network, commonly referred to as SD WAN.

An innovative way of connecting dispersed and distributed business locations and remote end points, without having to compromise on the security and user experience.

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Traditionally, businesses whose offices were in different towns, cities or even countries, had to use technologies such as MPLS and VPLS to connect to those distributed workforce and office locations by bringing them to a centralised location through a Layer2 access technology and then creating a centralised environment for Any – to – Any communication.

In this traditional network topology, the entire network is pulled into a central cloud through expensive carrier links, at times introducing a single point of failure. This method of establishing a true MESH was somewhat acceptable, as all the business applications were hosted in a central server.

However, this has now changed dramatically, due to the surge in uptake of Cloud Solutions from vendors like AWS, AZURE and Google, who now allow applications to be hosted in geographically diverse locations, together with cloud-based computing solutions which are accessible from anywhere in the world by the users.

Key Benefits Of Our SD WAN Solution:

2Connect SD WAN allows customers to choose any network carrier of their choice and use any form of access technologies, from Ethernet to FTTC and FTTP to 4G, 2C SDWAN supports all access technologies!

  • Bespoke Network Design
  • FREE Technical Discovery Workshop
  • Bandwidth Optimisation
  • Network Security & DDoS Protection
  • Centralised Firewall Management
  • Central Management Console
  • Cost efficiency

All Carriers, All Access Technologies

Whether your office locations are within the UK or located all over the world, 2Connect can design, build and manage your entire network estate with ease.

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Our Trusted SD WAN Solution Partners

At 2Connect, we take pride in bringing futuristic technologies to our customers through a series of rigorous product testing methodologies and handpick an array of technical suppliers who are industry leaders in their respective arena globally.

Our SD WAN partners are Gartner’s Magic quadrant leaders and are held in high esteem in this area. Our SD WAN proposition is built around the following partners, who are all industry leaders and bring unique capabilities.


Our experts can help you design your desired network topology with world leading vendors for SDWAN, Network Connectivity and Security, in a most cost effective and hassle-free way. Let us become your trusted digital partner and simplify your digital journey. Speak to us today to learn more.

Why Choose 2Connect SD WAN?

2Connect SD WAN is a perfect solution for organisations who wish to connect to their remote office locations and distributed workforce, whilst accessing cloud applications securely, all without having to pay for the expensive LAN-LINKS and MPLS tails.

  • Bespoke
  • Network
  • Design
  • FREE Technical Discovery Workshop
  • Bandwidth Optimismisation
  • Network Security & DDoS Protection
  • Centralised Firewall Management
  • Central Management Console
  • Cost efficiency
  • Complaint Call Recording

Our technical expertise, years of experience and well-established relationships with global SD WAN Vendors, brings us to the forefront of the SDWAN landscape in UK & Europe.

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