Choosing The Right Connectivity Option

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The Right Connectivity Option

At 2Connect we completely understand that not all businesses are technology-centric, and this shouldn’t hamper your ability to make the right IT decisions for your business.

Choosing the right connectivity option in a market, where so many acronyms, jargons and terminologies are used for the same or similar products, ISN’T EASY!

This often results in customers making the wrong & costly decisions! Let us help you choose the products which are right for your business:

  • Leased Line
  • FTTP
  • 2Connect Metro

We strongly believe in making it simple for our customers and helping them make the right choices, without having to worry about complex jargon for the same or very similar connectivity products used by various suppliers.

The Key Questions

2Connect can provide you with a competitive quote for the right product, that’s right for your business and sourced directly through one of our most trusted Award-Winning Suppliers, wrapped with our ‘Price Match Guarantee’!

Choosing the right connectivity option primarily depends on the following three questions:

  1. How many users will be using the service?
  2. What type of applications will you be running on your network?
  3. What would be the impact of an internet connectivity outage on your business?

If you know the answers to all of the above, then please contact one of our seasoned Network Connectivity specialists, who would be delighted to provide you with all of the available options in your area.

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Speak to one of our trusted network connectivity specialists today and let us help you make the right choices for your business.

Ready For BT’s Big PSTN Switch Off In 2025?

“Don’t Change A Thing! Just call 2Connect!”

If you are a business using BT’s copper line infrastructure and traditional broadband services then you need to

What Is BT Doing?

By 2025, BT Openreach is going to switch off their entire copper and ISDN Network, which had served the UK businesses for decades.

This major change in direction is to primarily make way for an All-IP Network, that will allow businesses to be able to make use of the latest digital technologies for connectivity and digital voice. Secondly, this will address the surge in demand for data, as average user bandwidth consumption grows to exponential levels.

How Can 2Connect Help?

2Connect has been working tirelessly over the last few years in helping its customers prepare well in advance and implement futuristic technologies to avoid any inconveniences.

Through our extensive experience of having done so many of such migrations, we are best placed to help you with this transition from Openreach’s legacy network to the latest All-IP Network, for both, your connectivity and Voice.

Speak to us TODAY to understand how we can help you achieve a seamless migration to this enhanced digital world!!

What Services Are Affected?

Basically, anything that is currently using a COPPER LINE!

Analogue voice telephone services and any service that uses these lines including Dial up devices, fax, alarm systems, modems, building management systems, lift lines, PDQ machines.

ISDN2e and ISDN30e lines which are mainly used by phone systems, primarily On-Premises

Broadband services that run over an analogue telephone line such as, ADSL and FTTC Fibre Broadband.

How long do you have to make this change?

National ‘stop sell’ date!

September 2023 has been announced as the National ‘Stop Sell’ date – the point at which all exchanges will have reached their stop sell date. The project completes in 2025 as the last exchanges reach their shutdown date. The big analogue switch-off project ends in 2025. From this date its all-IP or nothing.


Speak to one of our trusted technology experts and discuss how we can help your business today.

Why Customers Trust Our Connectivity Solutions

We understand that business efficiency and productivity is immensely reliant on the network connectivity and in some cases, it is business critical.

Through our extensive experience, we empower our customers and offer the following service wrap:

  • Access to all Carriers
  • Access to all Technologies
  • Instant Access to UK Fibre Footprint
  • Industry-Leading SLA
  • 100% Up Time Guarantee
  • DDoS Protection & Hosted Firewalls
  • Cloud Ready Connectivity

We at 2Connect take connectivity very seriously and strongly believe that connectivity is not just a commodity, it is much more than that and cannot be treated lightly.

What Connectivity Options Are Available In Your Area?

IT Managers often struggle to get this information from their suppliers, but here at 2Connect, we empower our customers with the freedom of making the right decision through transparent information flow. Because we understand that choosing the right connectivity options is only the step 2 of the process, knowing what your options are, is the most important FIRST STEP.



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